About this Book

Preparing for interviews is a stressful task. There is an enormous amount of resources available in the internet, multiple repositories, there are even companies that help students prepare for interviews at the Big Tech companies. The idea here is to create an accessible version of these resources so people on this journey can benefit from it.

This book does not cover the topics in depth, it covers just enough to get you ready for the interview. The assumption here is that the person using it is already familiar with the topic and is here to brush up on the same. Additonal resources for someone eager to explore the topic in depth is added. In short, don’t use this as text book, use it as a revision note. In order to make it easy for practicing, the answers are collapsed by default, the idea is that you should try to solve it before checking out the answers.

This book IS AND ALWAYS WILL be free and a work in progress. The book gets updated weekly with new sections, more questions and richer content, so please keep visiting.

If this book has helped you in any way please feel free to contribute:

  • The best way to do so is by adding more content to make this book more relevant, feel free to create a merge request or post in forum

  • If you want to share your interview experience via ✉, please drop one to thedatascienceinterviewbook@gmail.com, it will just be used to improve and enhance the book not for any other purpose

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